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If these houses and their lord are afflicted by Saturn, Rahu and Mars the native will marry outside its caste and can be outside of religion also. A Marriage between a Kayastha and a Shudra or between a Brahmin and a Vaishya is called a inter-caste marriage. Date of Time:04:38 AM Maulana ji understands that inter-caste marriage issues is a leading problem for the current generation because mostly wants to do inter-caste marriage in their life. A marriage between a Hindu and a Christian or a Muslim and a Hindu, or a Christian and Muslim comes in this category. The most important thing is to make parents agree for the inert caste marriage. Rahu makes one mad and crazy. inter-caste marriage types and Astrological consultation. These Planets and there combination should be checked while Predicting Love Marriage in Horoscope. If you want to know when will you get married, What is your marriage Age. Riddhi Pandit: Respected Sir, My Name is Riddhi Pandit and DOB 17/01/2001. Hi sir, I m loving one person in another caste.. if I have any possibilities to marry him. (function($){ Some of planetary combinations in a horoscope indicating tendency for intercaste marriage are as follow. $.ajax({ This kind of marriage maybe within the same religion. The second house lord Mercury has aspect of Saturn and Ketu. Sir, The intercaste/ love marriage will not take place,even if it is there, if the combinations given here are present in the horscope. More so when it comes to intercaste/ religion marriage. Like marriage between a Brahmin and a Rajput or A Vaishya and a Brahmin will be an intercaste marriage. Muslim Astrologers believe and according to astrology everything is cyclic in this universe, and there are some hidden forces which can be determined by the astrology tactics. DOB – Jan 01 2019 5th house also has aspect of Mars. The same house is also seen for business partnership. We're Sorry /* ]]> */. Free online astrology service for intercast marriage. Who so ever he or she may be ! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Vedic Astrology horoscopes can tell us very easily if yoga for Inter caste marriage is there in the natives horoscopes. So to solve this mystery, our sages had given enough clues in Astrology. In now days we are in modern society but mentality of the parents still the same as in 90’s. If you have seen or heard about people saying that it's just a coincidence or they might get some incentive to say so. Place: Colombo,Sri Lanka. Place :Ahemdabad The 2nd house and its lord represent extension of family. Inter-Caste. But I’m loving one person , While a 7th house, 7th lord and Jupiter represent husband in a female horoscope. Nature of spouse. I’m in love with one person. What is Love Marriage in Astrology Love marriage is marriage which is decided primarily by ... Is that love marriage sir Ketu has no head. Astrologer Navneet Khanna, is a former World Bank & SIDA consultant, he has held many prestigious projects in India and Africa before settling down in his native place, near Chandigarh and following his passion in Vedic Astrology. Price in INR: ₹ 2,100.00 Even more inter caste love marriage … Love before marriage is only infatuation and it is not in fact love at all. This is an email consultation. Rahu and its alignment to the house of marriage determines that. This webpage offers very fertile and beneficial information exclusively about the astrology and vashikaran services of our world renowned astrologer ankit sharma for bringing about happy hassle free and peaceful inter caste love marriages in any desired country of the world. Some people believe on inter caste marriage calculator by … astrologers give you free online prediction about boy and girl marriage life after checking their names, date of birth, time and place of birth. Rahu never thinks for future. Place :Tirupati Same goes with the 7th House, this is house of a Marriage. Please select the be... Navneet Khanna: Yes there is Shadastak Bhakoot dosha in your horoscope matching. dataType: 'json', Navneet Khanna believes that the energy and inspiration behind him is the Blessings of the Almighty. Get all answers and more information by choosing our paid services. It can also tell us the likelihood of such a marriage. return false; $('#stock_message_12').html(result[1]); There are chances of inter-caste marriage. If not Muslim then there remains some controversy in the marriage. Inter Caste Marriage Totka, Only those can understand the meaning of love who has fallen in love once. I wand a good looking, handsome, finely established gentleman. Inter Caste Love Marriage Problem Solution by astrology yog in kundli, if you want in love and your partner is belong to other caste then must get a advice from our intercaste love marriage specialist baba ji to know about your marriage success. Sometime parents don’t accept the Boy or Girl due to Intercaste and couple in love have no option except court marriage or to escape from the home and marry. How will be your married life. how to convince parents for love marriage in the same caste. else { Intercaste Love Marriage Horoscope Analysis. Navneet believes that Vedic Astrology is a vast subject, it is an ocean of knowledge and wisdom. Sir can u plz tell me my marriage will be arrange ya love intercaste marriage, my details: Lagna is the main point of horscope in male and female horscope, though moon chart and navamsha chart and d-7 is is also seen for marriage of male and female. so can you tell me when I get my partner? U r right sir , $('#task_12').val('ajax'); A lot of problems can be solved by vashikaran and mantras given by specialists. }); ,though 5th house also plays role for love marriage, and eleventh house for fulfilment of desire. Please help me sir. Article: What alignments can cause inter-caste or inter-religion marriage . } Astrological combinations for inter caste/faith marriages : In male horoscope if Venus is afflicted by Saturn/Rahu/Ketu,there will be possibility of inter caste/faith marriage. Is it not so? Some of which i will share here. Inter caste Marriage Astrology The 7 th house is the house of spouse, marriage and marital life. Marriage in same Caste or not ? if(result[0]) { Moreover the intercaste marriage will depend and depends on the love affair, for this combination of intercaste also check the love affair combination of 5th lord,or 7th hlord or both Vakri, love affair will be there,Mars, venus rahu in 7th also indicates love marriage, interchange of lords of 6th in 7th and7th in sixth indicates to intercaste love marriage. }, in this case, we simply to check in the horscope, causes of inter caste marriage, observe the kundli, see the 6th house and seventh house minutely.,though 5th house also plays role for love marriage, and eleventh house for fulfilment of desire. Marriage of a boy and girl belonging to same religion but different caste is called inter caste marriage. So Ketu also can’t see anything . Convince parents for another caste marriage. Marriage held between male of higher Varna or caste and women of lower varna or caste is called Anuloma and is still accepted in the Hindu society. Moon and Mars in the inauspicious 6 -8 position. Timing 4:40pm Sir my d.o.b 12feb1988 There are chances of inter-caste marriage. This is what makes a couple to take Love marriage solution. The native did not bother about customs and traditions and did a inter caste marriage. var mydata = getCartButtonFormData('cartButtonForm_12'); The planets responsible for inter caste or same caste love marriage prediction is Mars, venus , Rahu, Moon and Mercury. $(".hascartwidget").val($("#simpleecommcart_cart_sidebar").val()); }); He reasons his predictions because of which he has a worldwide following and people from many countries solve their problems with his help. ENTER YOUR QUESTION IF YOU WANT ASTROLOGY HELP, Do planets for Love Marriage support you in your Horoscope,, Free Astrology Reading – Horoscope Astrology – Birth Chart. The last but not least thing you need to check out and really you have to convince your parents easily and … Whomsoever you marry, you have to start loving him as soon as the date of marriage is finalised. You may contact him on his number 0091-9417884861 . Afflictions to the 5th and 9th both in rashi and navamsha have to be studied. The gana is Rakshasa. Our expert for inter caste love marriage problems is the master in the field of Astrology and Vashikaran, with the help of his vast knowledge and expertise he can undoubtedly give you the best love dispute solutions. In Marriage Matching he does analysis of Guna Milan and also Grah Milan (Matching of the Planets) and will tell you effects and remedies of Nadi Dosha, Bhakoot Dosha & Gana Dosha if present. The Ganesha Mantra for inter-caste love marriage should be recited 108 times i.e one Mala for 11 days and keep photo of your lover on the same worship place. PLACE – Durgapur, West Bengal, India. Love Problems Love Marriage Inter Caste Marriage Venus and rahu in 6 th and 11 th. if this house is weak or affected by bad planets mentioned above. Price in USD : $75.00 Normally, in astrology each of the twelve houses signify a certain aspect of our life. Whether you should proceed with the Marriage proposal or not. You have no control over your emotions, and the same goes for your partner. } })(jQuery); The Planets Which are Mostly Responsible for Inter caste Marriage in Astrology are-Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Meaning of Inter caste marriage is marriage between two people belonging to same religion but different caste is called inter-caste marriage. The 7th house, its lord and planet Venus represent wife in a male horoscope. } Lagna is the main point of horscope in male and female horscope, though moon chart and navamsha chart and d-7 is is also seen for marriage of male and female. Intercaste Marriage and Love Marriage Astrology What does intercaste marriage means? He is an expert in Marriage and Love Relationship. Do whatever u can in order to get him as ur husband…. Due to which individuals, when fell in love with someone from a different caste, faces problems. Marriage between two people belonging to different religion is called inter-religious marriage. the 7th house of a birth chart signifies marriage and any kind of partnership. If Navmansha lord relates to a benefic planet, it means marriage will happen with upper caste person. Required fields are marked *. NAME – AGNISH ROY and 12thand a weak moonin 5th also indicates intercase marriage.The sub lord of 7th cuspis rahu is the cause of intercaste marriage also.The moon conjoining 7th lordand Venus aspected by a node, that is rahu or ketu or saturn is the strong indication of intercaste marriage. Inter caste marriage in astrology. Below if a horoscope of a native who had Inter caste Love Marriage against the wishes of Parents. $('#task_12').val('addToCart'); Venus ,rahu in 6th or 8th,denotes inter caste marriage,2. The 7th house is the house of spouse , marriage and marital life. Lagan is Capricorn, Rashi is Libra and birth Nakshatra is Vishakha. alert("readyState: "+xhr.readyState+"\nstatus: "+xhr.status); Post your Questions with birth details, I Wanna to Know about my Son’s Rashi, Gan etc.. Marriage is a kind of partnership with your spouse. in this case, we simply to check in the horscope, causes of inter caste marriage, observe the kundli, see the 6th house and seventh house minutely. Will be there any possibility of getting married to the person whom I’m loving ? Inter-caste love marriage problems have always been a popular topic for discussion and there are surely many solutions to these issues offered by astrology which are effective in resolving the difference and making it a happy and harmonious relationship not only between the … You can call our expert as intercaste love marriage specialist or inter caste marriage problem solution astrologer. We know that Rahu never believe in traditions or culture or caste or religion . Is there possibility of love-arranged marriage. $(document).ready(function(){ As Jupiter is the significator of religion and if there is strong affliction to Jupiter, the native will change religion after marriage. Inter caste marriage or native marriage most suitable? Many elders are not comfortable with their children going for a Inter Caste Marriage. type: "POST", To conclude, thorugh study of horscope is essential,instead of giving judgement on merely on combinations, The apparent combinations in D-1 chart are upto an extent indicationss of intercaaste marriage are true. There are two major types of inter-caste marriage- Hypergamy or Anuloma and Hypogamy or Pratiloma. Please enable Javascript to use this site. Date of birth:1987:06:18 If Navmansha lord is same as your ascendant lord, marriage happens in same caste. sir I am 26 years old. Free online Intercaste marriage problems solution astrology service for intercast marriage is the techniques provided by astrologers in this high technical world where you can get marry with your partner if you are getting hurdles and disagreement of parents to get marry with your partner in other society. Inter-caste Marriage Problem Solution makes your way easy to get married with your desired love. Manipulate your parents for Inter caste love marriage. He is an Expert Astrologer on Many Indian & Foreign Websites like and a frequent writer for many national and international websites and magazines. And studying the horoscope from Chandra Lagna cannot be over-emphasized. Know about your marriage prediction, marriage astrology and marriage horoscope by date of birth? The second house which is for extension of family has aspect of Mars and Rahu. }) In India most of the people’s and parents want to marry their children in the same caste and in their religion and want to do arranged marriage which they had mindset in their brains. India is a diverse country with different languages,  food, cultures and traditions. Timing 00:55 AM It helps you in convincing the parents within three days. 7th house is marriage or we can say selection of Girl or Boy . If 5th lord has relations with 6th house, and its lord, the other party will fall out and intercaste, if there, it will not suceed,it will be zero before maturing of marriage, secondly, 5th lord has relations with 12th house, and its lord, the native himself will back out from the marriage, thirdly, if the fifth house has relation with 8th house, and its lord,the obstruction in the marriage will be from the parens, and intercaste love marriage will not be performed,it will break before arrive at a decision , one must watch the navamsha, and moon chart,if these combinations also exist, of intercaste marriage, it may also take place, in some cases, nakshatras also play the role for intercaste marriage, if these combinations of saturn, rahu, mars, venus related to seventh house are there. Saturn not only is a malefic but has aspect of Rahu, which is debilitated in the Navamsha chart. I’m so much afraid about this Saturn in the 7th definitely delays marriage and the caste of the spouse NEED NOT be a lower caste, though there is a high possibility. But don’t worry if you are also want to do love marriage. It is a myth that someone can predict your life. The 7 th house, its lord and planet Venus represent wife in a male horoscope. Sir can u plz tell me my marriage will be arrange ya love intercaste marriage, Your email address will not be published. I never claim that Rahu Ketu are playing this role in all charts or always create Muslim connection ! A marriage between two people of different races are called inter racial marriage. But marriage is not just about the couples. The 9th house and the 5th house signify the religion and customs. There are many planetary combinations in a horoscope which can bring inter caste marriages, some of which are given below: Birth Chart Analysis:  Inter caste Love Marriage. Intercaste love marriage is an unorthodox marriage according to Indian Culture. So when these Planets make a connection with 7th house, 7th Lord of D1 chart or D9 chart or Venus, it can give you inter caste Marriage or Your Spouse can come from different Cultural Background. Rahu aspect on seventh or its lord also indicates intercaste marriage.3.Both mars and and venus in angle or in 12th cause of intercaste marriage,the Moon and mars in 6/8 position also indicates intercaste marriage.The 7th lord with saturn in tweleveth also indicates it so,The jupiter in 7thin Libra,(tula) signor aquarius may lead to intercaste marriage.If 7th lord conjoins withMars and rahu,it also causes the intercaste marriage.The male planets in 7th. With his vast experience on occult subjects he has been associated with leading astrologers in India to promote astrology. $('.SimpleEcommCartAjaxWarning').hide(); TIME – 08.50 AM While a 7 th house, 7 th lord and Jupiter represent husband in a female horoscope. This inter-caste love marriage to make parent agree should be commenced on Wednesday. Feel free to ask about your horoscope by sending your details in comment box below. data: mydata, 5th lord Jupiter conjoined with Rahu gave the native love marriage. Love means love. Therefore we can see that the second house and its lord and 7th house and its lord, which are the prime significator of marriage are severely afflicted. It is simply up to the individual to jump into the ocean and extract the pearls. Inter-caste Marriage Problem Solution. Will there be peace, love, happiness in your life after marriage. Navneet is very scientific and logical in his Predictions. $('#addToCart_12').click(function() { So in case of foreign spouse in astrology rahu is the main planet tooafter rahu we have to see venus and jupiter. The caste seems secondary at this point. url: '', Your email address will not be published. Related Post: Get Lost Love Back Vashikaran Mantra Rahu lives in present. Inter-caste marriage. Their children are holding modern views and do not bother about customs and traditions when it comes to choosing a life partner and are more comfortable with having a partner which has similar likes and dislikes, irrespective of caste, race and creed. A marriage between a native from Kerala and Punjabi is called a inter racial marriage. error: function(xhr,err){ 5th house is for romance and 5th lord Jupiter is conjoined with Rahu in the 8th house. Intercaste love marriage astrology is a way that can make your intercaste love marriage successful. It is really hard to make them agree. success: function(result) { So every marriage is a love marriage arranged by intermediaries. Dispositions of Moon and Mercury have also to been seen. Aquarius is the 7th house lord and is a natural malefic and retrograde in the horoscope. Sir my d.o.b 3-october-1993 Love comes from the heart and is not the appreciation of physical features. Now the question raises whether the Marriage or Relationship will happen within the same caste, community or different caste or religion. Cultural and caste difference The most common and vital reason for denying inter-caste marriage is because of caste and cultural difference. $('#stock_message_box_12').fadeIn(300); ! Both the Horoscope will be matched As per planetary alignment and we do not use astakoota Guna score. The Love Astrologer Kapil Sharma will help you to satisfy your parents and you can make marriage with your love. Jewelry / Watch (Item ID: 134058) Aslam O Alaikum Sisters and Brothers We provided online problem solutions with astrology and rohani amiliyat o taweez,like manpasand shadi, black magic removal, divorce problems, husband Love Marriage Problem Solutions are being solved by our Rohani Aamil BABA NAJAF CHISHTI +92 300 5145258 Our organization deals with the perfect answer of love marriage … $('#cartButtonForm_12').submit(); Are you Manglik or not Manglik. I’m in love with one person, Is that love marriage sir? /*

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