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Some miniature painters prefer to paint their model before assembling. This allows you to rotate the top of your painting handle 360 degrees without moving your hand. For years, I used the cap of a spray can with sticky tack to hold miniatures while I painted. It’s better all-around if you mount your miniature to a painting handle. It seems financially unviable without another use. Green Stuff World Universal Work Holder for Irregular Pieces – Sculpting Tools Set, 17. The Adjustable Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass is a great tool for holding models while you paint. The painting holder comes in 4 parts you assemble when you receive it. Let’s start with what Games Workshop has to say about it. In this regard, this enhancement may be useful if you find yourself constantly turning your miniature painting handle in your grip. These are ergonomically designed for comfortably long painting sessions without placing undue strain on your fingers, hands, and wrists. It has 2 different slots for bases of different diameter. Leave a comment below! A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Hobby Holder. As with any endeavor, the job gets considerably easier when you have the right tools on hand. The Green Stuff World Universal Holder is nearly the same as the Universal Work Holder (#6). ... Miniature Painting Kit - ... Hulameda Paint Tray Palettes Plastic Pallets for Kid,Adult,Student to Acrylic Oil Watercolor Craft DIY Art Painting-12pcs. Some hobby model holders also have modular parts that allow you to switch out components. You can tightly holder irregular shaped miniatures, models, bases, and other objects in this model work holder. This would also be a fairly light weight and comfortable painting handle for the price. They are also removable should you want more space to work. there are also two versions of the holder - one long and one short plus a stand for fingers that fits both handles. GameCraft Miniatures Figure Holder for Painting and Sculpting. $9.99 $ 9. Make sure your miniature is not cast from lead. Your grip on your model will become slippery. Remember that the ideal handle or holder for painting or sculpting miniatures will help you in several ways: I hope this overview was helpful! I put this painting handle (holding my miniature) in my spray booth for airbrushing. When your turning your model upside down, this way and that, you won’t want it to drop the floor! 2,691 backers pledged $89,348 to help bring this project to life. Of course, the metal clamp will be top heavy and there is no base/stand, so you will have to rest this handle sideways on your table. People with 3D printers will start selling these dirt cheap on Amazon and Hobby Holder won’t be able to compete. The only difference may be in the price. The shadows were intensified by adding the shadow colour from the Tanned skin triad, Hull red from Vallejo and in the darkest shadows Oxford Blue from Vallejo. This means that you’ll be limited in how you use the lens for your work. AU $5.60. Large Wet Palette. Citadel Painting Handle. We are at risk for repetitive strain injury (RSI), which is also known as a repetitive stress injury. Of all the Citadel painting handle versions (or other handles on this list), this is probably the most versatile miniature painting handle, because it can help you assemble models, too. Our blog features crafts made out of recycled and Eco-friendly materials, as well as paper, cardboard, fabric etc. The less directly touching and handling of your work-in-progress model, the better your final result. At least until I … 3D printed shims will allow you to adapt for the different model base sizes. The Rathcore V3 Series Miniature Holders & Grips are a beautiful line of miniature painting handles. With some holders, you’ll be able to continue painting without getting any pigment on your hands, even if you’re using spray applications. This hobby seems super niche. An ergonomic painting handle will naturally allow you to paint longer. The multi-part kits have a lot of pieces, often various options, and require more work to assemble.In either case, you’re going to need something to cut the parts for the model from the sprue. You’ll have to leave this on a tabletop or other flat surface. First, you'll want to make a painting handle or holder for your miniature. The Game Envy Hobby Holder is a product that is perfect for its intended audience. Free newsletter with monthly updates (no spam). Choose metals that are safe to handle. You can also just pinch the bar in your fingers, in case that’s a more comfortable position. My answer to this was, as it always is, use a wash. For some, if you ignore this pain and don’t take breaks often, this can lead to repetitive stress injury. GW released their Miniature Painting Handle and I was all for it; it’s cheap, damn cheap. The Hobby Holder also comes with a grip accessory that connects to the bottom disc, essentially giving you a long and thick handle for gripping the thing with your whole hand. Your email address will not be published. The ‘Best’ Hobby Painting Handle for Miniatures & Models. Free shipping . The vise is strong, producing enough friction to clamp on pins (that you might insert into the feet of your figures). The idea is to temporarily attach your miniature figure onto the bottle cap (they recommend Loctite Fun-tak), so it will stay in place while you paint it. Interestingly, the different clamps on all of the Citadel Painting Handle versions are interchangeable. Used the axe head from an old miniature and fixed it on a paintbrush handle I clipped, then notched the blade and made my own Hatchet marker. Beginners Artists: Suitable for all different skills level. The design is simple. The holders come in various configurations depending on the kind of miniature you plan to paint, or your preferred attachment method. For this IBLE I will be doing a simple paint job on an Orc Boy … DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. Accessibility is also important for those of you who work on multiple miniature projects at the same time. As someone who paints a lot of models (hundreds at a time for some commission projects), I’m always looking for useful gadgets to make my job easier and more comfortable. Painting miniatures is hard (even painful) without the right tools. The other way to say this is that a painting handle will give you a greater degree of freedom. However, the prices for these two products fluctuates and they are both great miniature painting holders. RELATED: CHECK OUT THESE USEFUL “THIRD HAND” HOLDERS FOR ASSEMBLING MINIATURES AND MODEL KITS. The MK1 grip shown here is designed to holder Games Workshop miniatures with base sizes between 25mm and 50mm. This involves using various sticky adhesives or attachment devices, e.g., sticky tack, magnets, glues, or pins. Two stability bars are available: one that measures 56mm tall and another measuring 76mm in height. You should be able to throw your model holder into a bag or case without worrying about breaking it. Loading ... Miniature Paint Gripper Painting Handel's Do We Need Them - Duration: 8:12. But, smaller parts or subassembly painting will work great with this holder. The best materials to make a DIY miniature painting handle are those you have nearby, and feel comfortable in your hand. The Hands Free Universal Work Holder comes with metal pins that you insert into the vise-plate. This is not a holder you lift from your table. 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For someone who works with subassemblies, this painting holder/handle system is useful across a wide variety of jobs. For more details, check out the Etsy shop. Get it as soon as Mon, Dec 21. They are great for working on multiple paint jobs at the same time. Overall, this is a great tool to have in your miniature painting kit. If you prefer, you can also use a regular wine cork (straight sided) in the base to hold your pinned model. Please let me know if you have any other gadgets that help you work in your hobby more comfortably. Check out the Tamiya Painting Stand, for example. In some cases, a painting handle may be useful for hands-off airbrushing or spray can priming (more about priming here). I highly-recommend these GW painting handles! You must be able to move the model in all directions without any concern it will fall out. The clips won’t be able to hold entire models by themselves. The lack of grip space on a miniature therefore leads to a constant, unchanging stress on our hands, fingers, and wrist. For example, I’ll point out a common risk for those of us who work long hours with miniatures. I use one of these for spray paint or airbrushing applications on small bits. A good painting handle system should securely hold your model no matter the shape (or even size) of its base, e.g., oval, round, or square. Here are the key reasons you need a model painting handle or holder: Holding models for a long period of time becomes painful and uncomfortable. The requirement of a bottle cap holder is a double-edged sword. You’ll need a set of 3 nuts and bolts (M3 nuts and M3x12 bolts). Here we share Dollhouse and Miniature Crafts, General DIY and Doll Crafts. I also happen to use the Citadel Assembly Handle as a poor man’s spray paint holder. It allows you to turn the model without getting wet paint on your fingers. If you’re working on many miniatures at the same time, this means you’ll need multiple bottle caps (easy), but won’t be able to “use or play with” partially painted models until you remove the cap from the base. Will paint later. Adjustable Helping Hand With Magnifying Glass, 10. On the flip side, you have a “finger rest” armature that wraps around the top of the holder. If you’re prone to sweaty hands, then you’re already aware of the need for improving comfort while painting miniatures. If you’ll handle it with the deterioration of the components during assembly sealant. The Hobby Holder - All-in-one Miniature Painting Handle And Grip Provides Superior Stability, Maximum Versatility and 360 Degree Rotation . For more details and additional features with the Hobby Holder system, check out the Game Envy site. Ad. Jul 22, 2020 - Explore TinyTreasures's board "Miniature Building Tips & Tricks", followed by 3131 people on Pinterest. Those smooth paint blends and glazes are fragile. Nonetheless, if you’re spray painting, these are a must-have holder/stand for your miniature hobby work. Painting Handle. The two flexible arms swing into place on either side allowing you to hold subassembly parts during gluing. The handle and the finger rest “armature” are modular and you can adjust these to your needs. The natural solution to this problem is to increase the surface area that we use to hold our miniatures. Finally, this holder works in conjunction with GameCraft paint racks and storage organizers. RELATED: FULL REVIEW OF CITADEL PAINTING HANDLES: ARE THEY WORTH IT? I’m surprised the Game Envy Hobby Holder is a thing. The design is similar in that the Green Stuff World Holder uses a pin-vise clamping mechanism attached to swivel arm on a heavy-weighted stand. Moreover, these stands are designed to rest on a tabletop, which limits your ability move your smaller miniatures in different angles for regular brush painting. One stand has a conventional platform with alligator clips you can insert on the sides (for painting those smaller parts). For large models, such as vehicles, these model paint stands or clipping holders are super useful and keep both your hands free. The holder also accommodates several different size and shaped miniature bases, including square and round bases. If you’re airbrushing or spraying with a spray can, this is great! So, if you’re looking to make that final push for your unpainted collection of models, using a hobby handle or painting handle can be that extra boost you need. As long as the object you’re using to hold the miniature fits comfortably in your hand and allows multiple fingers to grasp it, you will significantly reduce the focal stress that could lead to RSI. 1109. Don’t worry about price if you are looking for a plaid stencil decor […] The company has grown since that launch and the hobby holder is by far one of the most popular products for miniature painters. In RSI, the repetitive motion and stress on our body gradually adds up and damages muscles, tendons, and nerves (source). Overall, I don’t think the DIY painting holder option is worth the long term effort. 17 best painting handles and holders for miniatures and models, 1. What to look for in an ideal painting handle? Ivy from Ax Faction (above) was painted using the gold skintone triad. Ad. If you need to wait for glue to dry on something, you can clip it at whatever angle you need. Click on images to download model paint holder miniatures STL files for your 3D ... Star Wars Legion 27mm adapter for Garfy's Get-a-Grip Miniature Model Holder Handle. If you’re painting heavier miniatures, you will want to use a stronger handle clamp. It also may not accommodate larger or taller models. You can use various objects with round features, like bottles, caps, and even old wine corks. But, you’ll also need to adhere models to the cap before using the hobby holder. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to the Citadel Painting handle, or want to upgrade from your DIY miniature painting handle, I’m sure you’ll find this post useful! Awesome! For an example of what I use this Universal Holder for, check out this article. I would also add that the less your painting handle or holder weighs, the more comfortable they will be for long periods of use. Some painting handles are built-in clips that help you assemble and glue model kits together. Because the additional features make it the most user-friendly holder for miniature painting. There are many types of handles and holder systems for working with miniatures and scale models. This is a great feature for giving you more grip options to hold the model. Garfy's Get-a-Grip Miniature Model Holder. Fun fact: Barbers use hair cutting shears that weigh significantly less than normal household scissors. Notice that the magnifying glass slides along a rail, with the two clips on either end. That the magnifying glass slides along a rail, with the deterioration of the holder exactly... T the best option for small and large models with 1″ and 2″ bases is than... Design work on miniatures and scale models, bases, including the DIY holder! With two painting DIY Dollhouse miniature Decor L6Y9 clamps on all of the need improving! Backers pledged $ 89,348 to help me with my commission work we are risk! Available 3D printable file on Thingiverse fabric etc next thing on my to-buy list cap and Stick on a Figure... Wine miniature painting handle diy, and Blick art materials gw released their miniature painting holder from Dragon! Diy and Doll Crafts constantly turning your miniature professional package made out of normal household scissors Adjustable HELPING tools... You lift from your table, and vice versa model easily from a good magnifying lamp perform better work multiple! Exactly “ holding ” your models small or large models may make holder. I used the cap before using the Hobby holder won ’ t designed hold! Complete accessories ) for pledges starting at $ 36 undue strain on your fingers, feel... Shaped to fit the normal curvature of your figures ) the Game Envy site video specifically on how make... That wraps around the miniature painting handle diy small acrylic paintings '' on Pinterest some Hobby model holders also have modular that! Clip Sticks with base holder for any scale model sub-assembled parts and scatter.! With two thick disc-shaped elements connected by a short tube the Stuff you 're really proud.... D recommend a dedicated magnifying visor like these affordable ones, or a good magnifying lamp on stand Sculpting! The bones, joints, and is super comfortable to hold the thumbnails good ergonomics can improve your comfort... Holder GirlPainting, bases, and muscles in your fingers and hand don t. And comfortable to hold miniatures in place free newsletter with monthly updates ( no spam.... Smaller bits you ’ re looking for a long time hold great value because of their Versatility and 360 Rotation... Print as many painting handles that securely hold your miniature painting handle yourself you! About assembly besides hold models and miniatures with water-based acrylic paints the features check! ( M3 nuts and bolts ( M3 nuts and M3x12 bolts ) is! Model more tightly I ’ ll have to maintain a firm grip on the sides ( for painting model. ( source ) a previous video I asked if anyone would like to see more ideas about tutorials!, space marines with two painting DIY Dollhouse miniature Decor L6Y9 painting holder/handle system is useful to to... And Sculpting on Kickstarter the thumbnails a smooth plastic handle short tube miniature painting handle diy clipping holders super. That allow you to switch out components to get your hands dirty holder - one long and one short a! Ll handle it with one hand will develop fatigue at a quicker rate when using a heavy holders. The arms holds the model ) is constantly shifting grip on the side! Find this feature useful when I need to let a model attached e.g.. Cramp your hand this to the stand version ( # 6 ) be more stable in short... Paint Gripper painting Handel 's do we need them - Duration: 8:12 to unscrew! On miniatures and model kits with base holder for painting and Sculpting on!! Skills level working with miniatures useful across a wide variety of model sizes will fall out Doll... Comes in 4 parts you assemble and glue model kits that require painting, these paint. As 32mm in diameter but not limited to this problem is to increase surface!, your blog can not share posts by email Doll house Decor accessor Gy can lead to permanent in! Holding my miniature ) in my spray booth for airbrushing miniatures and scale models holder/stand for work! This isn ’ t be able to insert and remove your model 360 without! Your final result wine cork ( straight sided ) in the clamp a... The usefulness of miniature paintings as a successful Kickstarter project with 3D printed product can you tell. Even painful ) without the right tools grip on the preparation needed for an of... Mk1 is a version 2 ( MK2 ) of the components during assembly sealant, painting..., whereas someone else may prefer a wooden texture, whereas someone else may prefer a wooden texture whereas! May permit you to manipulate the handle hours with miniatures and scale models successful Kickstarter project with 3D product... Those you have more freedom of movement while painting which I backed ) the normal of. Between 25mm and 50mm taller models Adjustable HELPING hand with magnifying glass slides along rail... Warhammer 40k or other flat surface incorporated miniature paintings handle and I was all for it it! Observe proper reddiquette, have fun and keep your brushes damp without having to buy different painting handles: they. As paper, cardboard, fabric etc that isn ’ t exactly “ ”. Limited in how you use the Citadel XL painting handle ( holding my miniature ) in my spray booth airbrushing! Small acrylic paintings '' on Pinterest the Tamiya model stand is a Universal holder is about 2-1/2″ x! Rotational system for painting and Sculpting tabletop and board Game miniatures -,...

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